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Accounting firms across the globe define their success in unique ways. Whether it is their profit margin or the number of clients they serve, they must work as efficiently and quickly as possible. Irrespective of their business model, these firms must complete their jobs by balancing their work quality with a productive workforce.

Guide to Work focuses on meeting accounting firms’ business goals by helping them strategize, plan and make necessary changes more efficiently and productively.


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Contact Management

The contact management system built on the Guide to Work platform gives you quick access to customer data and enables you to grow and diversify your customer base.

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Job Management

Guide to the Work platform makes it faster and easier to create schedules and jobs and share them with your team members. Assigning jobs to your workforce is easier.

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A firm can meet its deadlines and attain success by effectively managing time spent on jobs. Guide to Work offers timesheets that are an essential tool for any successful firm.

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Document Management

Document collection is a very essential step during taxing. GTW assists in tracking all the tax-related documents, financial accounting statements, bills, and related notes of clients.

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Journal & My Notepad

Organize and share all your business contacts with your team members. Store and update customer names, organizations, and job titles and get all their related info.

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A seamless path to transform your company into a data-driven digital firm. Work in a vibrant, diverse, swift, and smart environment enabled by the Guide to the Work platform.

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