Stop depending on those sticky notes on the wall, random email correspondences lost in your inboxes, or casual discussions.

Job Management

Jobs get affected when not monitored, and deadlines could be missed affecting client satisfaction and retention. Guide to Work platform makes creating schedules and jobs faster and easier and assigning them to your team members with specialized features. The Job Management feature offers a seamless user experience by keeping all your jobs' timelines, records, and other materials under one roof. This not only ensures your jobs are effortlessly taken care of but also makes everyone's lives easier.

Customization is the key feature of Job management feature. It offers impressive unlimited boards, advanced search and filter options, and time tracking.

It has various components, such as job types, job groups, job forms, job due date, job priority, the person responsible, user status, hours spent, extension status, job plan, record status, job description, job period end, job target date, fee type, job captain, plan status, closing date, recurring checklists, etc.

The team gets a bird's eye view of all the information related to the particular jobs and will be able to synchronize tasks of various jobs within the team and set deadlines.



Job Management helps you to


Create, assign and track your jobs

Know your team's progress

Never miss a client deadline

Save your time by simply logging in to a single interface that organizes your jobs!