Document tracking for running your firm smoothly

Document tracking for running your firm smoothly

A document management platform that helps you keeps track of essential information pertaining to documents efficiently.

Document workflows can be set up and incorporated into daily processes, making routine procedures easy for accountants. Depending on the dynamics of your clientele and your document processing routine, your needs can shift and change daily. Whether you have paper archives, electronic records, or a combination of both, Guide to Work will guide you through an efficient tracking process of managing records to save time, improve workflow, and mitigate compliance risks.


Documents Follow-up Made Easy

Guide to Work document management feature helps to keep track of all the document-related information about a client. All team members can easily track notes, emails, a list of pending documents to be submitted, issues, and jobs. Document management feature also assists in keeping track of all the tax-related documents, financial accounting statements, payrolls, ID proofs, bills, and related notes of various jobs of clients for on-time submissions. This information can also be imported and exported in the instructed format. While dealing with clients, the team members can easily track past interactions, a list of pending documents, emails, and notes for mitigating compliance risks.

Efficiently tracking the documents allows you to stay connected with your clients and meet deadlines with up-to-date information.