Contact Management

Keep digital records of your customer data

It can be hard to remember every customer's name and individual preferences in today's fast-paced business world. Hence it becomes crucial to store data digitally. You can share this digital data with your team members to interact with clients successfully.

The Contact Management feature enables all the employees to view and access the same data, speeds up communication and streamlines workflow. With an organized method of storing and tracking contacts, you can focus less on business tasks and more on your customers.

Find accurate customer information at your fingertips

The Contact management feature allows you to make entries for each Contact. Various address types related to the Contacts, such as name, phone number, email address, office or residence, can be included. The feature allows you to store unlimited data.


Import and export contact information from diverse sources

The contact management will allow you to collect data from various sources, including email, business cards, spreadsheets, and other documents and stores it all in one database.

Know your client's Key Associates

Store information related to your client's associates. Record and organize the contact information of your client's bankers, advocates, customers, and stakeholders to gain easy and quick access when needed.

Personalized client experience

The Contact management feature helps you personalize client interactions. While communicating with customers, team members can make key notes about customers' needs and stakes. They can then refer to these key discussion points in future conversations.

Manage and nurture your contacts

Create strong and lasting relationships with your clients by staying current on all matters and events. Create special events in the calendar to view and access the entire client information from the calendar event. Send personalized greetings on birthdays and anniversaries.

Group your contacts

Contact management, a digital method of storing data, helps you group and categorize your customer base. This enables you to respond faster for better customer interactions.

Access to the client's Key Personnel information

The key personnel define and amplify the culture of any organization. You can store the Key people's information about your client's firm. This enables you to strengthen your business's external relationships.


Store Contact information of POA

The Contact Management feature facilitates keeping the particulars related to the Power of Attorney of your client to carry on correspondence with your client without any hassles.

Client's Profile

Client's Profile allows you to update details related to your client's organization. This feature allows you to update and manage organization details and addresses.

State Registration Contact Information

Access Contact information related to States Registrations of the firm in various states. This is for Contacts/ clients registered in states in the US.

All the above features in Contact Management are available in a single tab and are just a click away!